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Google counters header bidding with exchange bidding for Dynamic Allocation

Google gives a straight answer to the header bidding Google has just announced on the new technology, the new “exchange bidding” technology will supposed to give an answer to the header bidding. Google announcement (By Jonathan Bellack Director, Product Management): “Today we’re announcing that First Look is available to all DoubleClick for Publishers …

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Getting Started Guide

Monetization Getting Started Guide In this article will try to explain how we start integrating monetization tools. The first thing we want to do is open an Adsense account. Google will ask for all your details and will even send you a physical postcard in order verify your physical address. After signing up we can …

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Google First Look (DFM)

Header Bidding

Google Just Launched a DFM Beta Google just announced that they are launching their solution to the header bidding. Jonathan Bellack, Google’s director of product management, made the announcement about  Googles answer to header bidding. We tried the solution, as far as we tried we can’t see a real advantage to using it. Their …

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