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How Google Analytics can help you monetize your site

Boost your Revenue

How Google Analytics can help you monetize your site In a changing world where everything is accounted for, impressions or users, Google analytics have a lot of good uses. It allows you to segment your site and better helps you understand your audience. A lot of site owners do not …

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Facebook Audience Networks Native Ad Formats

Facebook Audience Network – New Updates In our last article we gave a general overview of the Facebook Audience Network (FAN). In today’s article, we will discuss the different ad sizes offered by FAN for mobile web monetization. There are three ad sizes offered, 300×250, 320×250 and native ads (which don’t have a …

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Getting Started Guide

Monetization Getting Started Guide In this article will try to explain how we start integrating monetization tools. The first thing we want to do is open an Adsense account. Google will ask for all your details and will even send you a physical postcard in order verify your physical address. After signing up we can …

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