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Assaf Kalderon

VP of Monetization. His experience in online marketing and his extremely creative business thinking, helped us to increase our clients’ revenues and optimize their accounts. In my previous position as the Online Media Manager at the Jerusalem Post, I monetized all networks and direct campaigns for the Jerusalem Post. In the ever-changing world of marketing and advertising methods,I always in pursuit to bring exciting, unique and groundbreaking ideas and concepts on all platforms, focusing on holistic solutions – from multimedia campaigns to consumer engagements and guerrilla promotions. I Bachelor degree in Business Administration in Marketing and Advertising form Ono College.

What Are the Advantages of Google ADX over Google Adsense

So most of the publishers we encounter has Google Adsense, set up either running through DFP or Hard Coded on the page. The best option is to always set up the site using DFP, ad serving since it gives you much more data and benefit to add your direct and …

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How Google Analytics can help you monetize your site

Boost your Revenue

How Google Analytics can help you monetize your site In a changing world where everything is accounted for, impressions or users, Google analytics have a lot of good uses. It allows you to segment your site and better helps you understand your audience. A lot of site owners do not …

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