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What Are the Advantages of Google ADX over Google Adsense

So most of the publishers we encounter has Google Adsense, set up either running through DFP or Hard Coded on the page.

The best option is to always set up the site using DFP, ad serving since it gives you much more data and benefit to add your direct and other programmatic partners,  and also let them cycle between them depending on their priority.

Most Publishers do not understand why Google ADX is much better than Google Adsense.

Here are a few examples why Google ADX is much more effective and the best option to choose from:

  •  open auction which gives you the ability to set up floor prices for your inventory. Meaning that since on your page has different ad units in different locations (ATF, BTF Side banners VS In-article Banners, etc.) you can set your floor price for a minimum by creating different rules on Google Adx. You can set different minimums for different buyers for the same ad unit and give different floor prices to Branded and Anonymous buyers. You can also create rules for Different countries and different devices. ADX gives you the ability to control the inventory you display to each Advertiser who targets your inventory.

In order to know who is targeting your site inventory you will need to pull a report from ADX that can show you which DFP Ad unit, country and device is buying your inventory. From the other side as well how to recognize trends in the buying of your inventory

Here an example of how to set up a new Rule in ADX.


  • First Look Pricing is another feature that also gives you the ability to have premium Buyers on ADX which can buy your inventory. Usually, the coverage is low, but the CPMs is 3 to 5 times higher than what you can get from the open auction. One of the key features in the programmatic world is Remarketing. These buyers are paying a very high CPM but only for certain buyers. First Look is built specifically for those types of buyers who are willing to pay a really high CPM in exchange for “First Look” for all the publisher’s inventory. It allows buyers the option to bid on 100% of the inventory, even ahead of sponsorship and other reserve campaigns running through DFP
  • Preferred Deals are one of the Key Features of Google ADX. It is a great benefit for publishers. It allows one to offer their inventory to potential buyers at a negotiated fixed price before the inventory is made available to all other buyers in an open auction at higher CPMs. Also, if you know that your site has different categories (Sports, News, Politics, Lifestyle etc.) you can create different offers on your site based on your categories. Today, Preferred deals are becoming a lot more popular since the big players have gotten into the game and they prefer doing Preferred Deals. These deals give them the ability to buy a particular impression based on an advertiser’s cookie and target users with campaigns. For you as a site owner the main feature is getting to premium advertisers and establishing a market price to your premium inventory.
  • Private Auction is private marketplaces for members only.  Usually, it is only for the big DSP’S (Demand Supply Platform). The main difference between the private auction and the open auction is that it gives the site owner more control on which buyers will display on your site. The advantages are great for both buyers and publishers since it gives transparency to both. It gives advertisers efficiently and effectively  ways to set up new buys in the top tier of their site. This is becoming an industry standard.

Those are the main key features that Google Adx offers over Google Adsense. If you are still using Google Adsense you are leaving money on the table.

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