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How Google Analytics can help you monetize your site

How Google Analytics can help you monetize your site

In a changing world where everything is accounted for, impressions or users, Google analytics have a lot of good uses. It allows you to segment your site and better helps you understand your audience. A lot of site owners do not look at their Google analytics in a way that can help them better understand how they can increase their overall revenue on the site.

5 Steps to increase your revenue using Google Analytics

1)      Looking at your analytics different Geo’s (Geo ➔ Location)  and start understanding where the traffic comes from. Once you understand the different locations and Geo’s https://www.screencast.com/t/5ysNDxOvOW, concentrate on which programmatic partners are strong and can best fit your site. Since there are so many partners to choose from, use the biggest networks that have demand in those Geo’s and can better fill your inventory.

2)      Another very important point is understanding how traffic is broken down between Desktop, mobile and Tablet. What percentage is going to each device https://www.screencast.com/t/NPVzdermE. A lot of publishers think they have more desktop page views than mobile. In many cases, this is not true, but since they do not know they don’t notice it. By understanding the breakdown of device, you can concentrate on the device that has more traffic and monetize it better. You can analyze how many ad units there are per page (a lot of times more units are worth less money)  and better engaging your user.

3)     It is very important to understand the source of your traffic. First see where most traffic comes from to your site. Check if there has been a shift in the sources. A lot of times different sources can bring you different users that worth more or less to the programmatic partners. The best thing to do is to check which channels are driving traffic to your site. Concentrate on all channels and see the overall traffic sources from different channels such as Organic, Social, Direct, Referral. By understanding the sources coming to your site, you can have a better idea how traffic comes and what is worth to your partners https://www.screencast.com/t/HFwGVAYPLgFBoost your Revenue

4)      Average Session Duration tells you how much time users are spending on your site. The longer they stay the better. Advertisers targeting your site will have an overall higher CTR when there is much more time that a user is seeing their ad and clicking on it. As a site owner, higher CTR for advertisers mean much more money. As for you, writing good content is much more important and can increase your chances of ranking your site S.E.O wise and getting overall better revenue from Advertisers and programmatic networks.

5)      Pages per session – the most efficient way of tracking the amount of articles the average users are reading per day. A user that is reading more than one article and staying longer on your site is more valuable. Assuming that it takes an average of 2 minutes reading a full article this is highly valuable for an advertiser targeting your site.  The time spent on the site is very important for advertisers targeting your site will be willing to pay a much higher CPM for the first impressions on the site. This allows the advertisers to choose the users that are relevant to them and stay longer on the site. It also gives the advertiser more ways to show its relevant ads to a user and more chance that the user will click on the ad. Therefore, the more pages a user reads gives your site a significant boost in term of revenue earned per user and overall revenue.

By understanding your analytic reports you can understand what works best on your site. This can help you increase the relevant content to your site users, which will result in an increase of the overall revenue of your site from programmatic advertisers targeting your site.

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