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Adsense Policy Guidelines

Adsense policy  – how to stay safe

As you can all know, the most dangerous thing to do (In Google terms) is to violate to Adsens Policy.

In some cases when doesn’t intend to violate the policy, but we still do that, in this article will look at some examples and learn how to avoid the violations.

Let’s talk about the most common Adsens mistakes:

  1. Anchor ad- this is a violation, the ad is overlapping over the content there for it’s forbidden, Goole has launched the page level ads, this is the only anchor ad that Google permits to implement on the page.
  2. Photography/nude – in any way this is not permitted, you can either remove the google ads from the infected pages or to remove the infected pages.
  3. Lake of content – each article must contain at least 400 words, when we create an article with 100 words the crawler can decide that the content is insufficient and block the account/page.
  4. Too many ads ATF (Above the fold) – mainly on mobile, the common mistake is to place 300×250 banner as the first thing that the user will see when he go in to the site, Google permits to add 320×50 and a maxium of “half” 300×250 on mobile.
  5. Duplicated content – the content must be original, it’s not permitted to duplicate content from other sites around the web.
  6. Illegal traffic- this is a very severe warning and can lead to block the account completely, all the traffic must be legit, organic, direct, refferrlal etc. No popup porn cheep traffic.
  7. Privacy policy – we must have PP on our site.
  8. Physical address – when we create a new Adsense account, Google will send us a physical letter with a pin code to enable the account.

We got blocked what do we do now?

Google has a few levels of blocking, the most severe one is due to click fraud or illegal traffic, in this case there is nothing we can do to re-activate the account.

In the rest of the cases we will get an email with instructions what to do, very important is to make the problem as resolved after you solve the issue, our recommendation is to completely remove the infected pages.

If you need help – please do not hesitate to contact us.


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