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Getting Started Guide

Monetization Getting Started Guide

In this article will try to explain how we start integrating monetization tools. The first thing we want to do is open an Adsense account. Google will ask for all your details and will even send you a physical postcard in order verify your physical address.

After signing up we can start working. Let’s create the first ad unit:



Sizes: I recommend using the IAB standard sizes, the best performing sizes are 300×250 300×600 728×90 for desktop, and 300×250 320×250 320×100 for mobile. If we are using a responsive site, we can choose the responsive size. This means that Adsense will choose the correct size automatically. For example, if the source is desktop – the user will see 728×90, and if the same user’s source is mobile he will see a 320×50 or a 320×100  ad.

After we choose the ad-size, we can decide if we want to change the ad type. The ad type could be Text or Display or both. Our recommendation is to let Google decide which ad type to show, leave it on text+display. Changing the ad type setting  could possibly harm the performance.

Now we can configure the ad style. The ad style referrs to the colors and text font. Here we will try to make the ad as native as possible, the same color, no borders, and the same fonts as appear on the site. We want to make the user feel like these ads are part of the site.

The next step is creating custom channels. These channels “help” the advertisers better target the location of the ads. For example, we can build an ATF HP (above the fold home page) channel and we will select only the ATF units to be included in this channel. This way advertisers who target this channel will only get ATF ads.

The next step is adding backup ads. Here we will have to provide backup in case Adsense does not fill the ad unit. Our recommendation is to add a link to some kind of house banner. This banner only shows when Adsense has nothing to else to show.

Good job! Now we can press on “save and get code”. Copy the code and paste into the ad slot. The ad should appear in about 10 minutes.

If something is not working, feel free to contact us directly and we will try to help.

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