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What’s Google DFP Small Business?

What’s Google DFP small business

Google DFP evolved from the company’s 2007 acquisition of advertising marketplace DoubleClick. If you run a website (perhaps on WordPress), DFP provides a free advertising service that can power ad delivery across your site. You can use it to fill ads from Google’s own Adsense or the ADX marketplace, from advertisers you sell directly to, and from other third party networks. Furthermore, it can let you optimize revenue by always displaying the ad that will generate the highest income for you.

How to sign up?

This is the most powerfull tool that Google have ever created for free, if you want to sign up, you can go to the official site here.

Or you can contact us to help sign up and help you with the integration.

You can also check out this YouTube video:

DFP Pros & Cons:

The DFP can help you manage your inventory much better, you can now decide what to deliver and where, you can now add layers of monetzation, use RTP between the Google and the networks.

You can decide how to deliver your direct deals and have a better sense about the results.

If you need help, you can contact us or reach out to the Adnimation expert team,


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